January is Fine Amnesty Month at PB Library

Bring in food donations during the month of January 2017 and we’ll waive your overdue library fines according to the number of items you bring in.

Here’s how it works: 

Bring in non-perishable items:

  • Food should be brought to the front desk – no drop-offs
  • Food should be packaged in plastic or cardboard – no glass
  • No opened, unsealed or re-packaged foods will be accepted
  • No expired foods will be accepted

We’ll take $1.50 off of your overdue library fines–

  • We will waive $1.50 in fines for each food item that you donate
  • We can only waive fees for items checked out by the card holder while at Port Byron Library
  • We cannot waive fees for ILL’s or books that you checked out while at other libraries
  • We cannot waive fees for lost or damaged items or for processing fees
  • We can waive a total maximum of $15 from any library card

Don’t have overdue fines? Your generous donations are still welcome!

Food donations will go to

the Port Byron Food Pantry.