HomeSchool Wednesdays – May 3 2017

Hello everyone!

Remember: Families who attend at least 5 weeks are eligible to receive a FREE microviewer!

          Here is a quick recap of Wednesday, May 3 and some related resources. 

          The middle and highschool groups checked their bacteria cultures under a microscope and then made a cell model using jello and candy.  Delicious and educational!!

The younger scientists looked at classifying shells.  The shells and materials used to identify them will be available again next week for anyone who would like to spend some more time looking at those.

They also received a booklet with ideas for a few experiments that are easy to do at home.

Along with the science, we started some literature studies

The highschool group discussed Shakespeare!  We looked at the three types of plays (histories, comedies, and tragedies); and did a synopsis of Hamlet.  We’ll also look briefly at one of Shakespeare’s history plays and at a comedy.

          The middle and elementary groups are welcome to join in one of our  booklook groups.  The middle schoolers will take a look at the antics of “Dallas” and “Florida” in Ruby Holler (extra copies are available at the library).  Elementary will enjoy the misadventures of two dogs named “Downgirl” and “Sit” in On the Road.

          Both groups should come prepared to share with the group a book that you’re reading!

Resources – cell structure and function:

          Cells and Systems Holly Wallace

          Cells, Genes, and Chromosomes  Chelsea House Publishing

         image comparing plant and animal cells

Resources – germs and bacteria:

          Germs are Not for Sharing  Elizabeth Verdick

          Germs Make Me Sick  Melvin Berger

          All Stuffed Up Cathy Hapka (Doc McStuffins)

          Bubonic Panic  Gail Jarrow

Resources – shells:

          Starfish, Seashells, and Crabs  George Fichter

          Seashells Jennifer Emmett

The storytime crew looked at some fun books about muddy puddles and getting clean again:

Here are those titles and some others:

          Germs are Not for Sharing  Elizabeth Verdick

          Piggy in the Puddle by Charlotte Pomerantz

          Mrs. Wishy-Washy  Joy Cowley

We also enjoyed some fingerplays:

     A Poodle in a Fuddle ACTION VERSE

(Children stand in a circle)
A poodle in a fuddle
In the middle of a puddle!
Will he wade to the left? (step left)
Will he wade to the right? (step right)
Will he stay in the middle (step middle)
Till the sun shines bright? (Point up) When the sun shines bright, (hands over head to form sun)
Will the puddle disappear? (Point floor)  

Will the poodle in the middle(cross arms)
Give a great, big cheer?! (Cup hands to mouth)

     Fleagle The Beagle

Fleagle the Beagle! (cup hands to mouth as if calling)
It’s time for the tub! (point to wrist watch)
I know you don’t like it (point to self to the fleagle)
But you need a scrub!!! (make scrubbing motions)
I’ll wash you with soap (make scrubbing circles)
From your tail to your head, (point to tail and head)
And when you’re all clean (hold palms up)
You can sleep on my bed. (rest head in hands)