HomeSchool Wednesdays – May 10, 2017

Hello HomeSchool Science Families!

Reminder: Families who attend at least 5 weeks are eligible to receive a FREE microviewer!

          Here is a quick recap of Wednesday, May 10 (related resources below) 

   Image result for peas image       The middle and highschool groups began discussing Mendel’s experiments with genetics of peas.  They extracted DNA from a strawberry and examined it under a microscope.  They then built a DNA model. Image result for strawberry image

The younger scientists used a dichotomous key to identify living things.

They also received a booklet with ideas for a few experiments that are easy to do at home.

Along with the science, we have Literature Studies

    Come prepared to share with the group a book that you’re reading!Image result for mel hamlet

The highschool group is discussing
Shakespeare!  We finished the tragedy Hamlet watching a few scenes from different source
s.  Next week: Richard III – a history that reads like a tragedy.

          The middle and elementary groups are welcome to join in one of our Book Chats. 

This week we discussed techniques used by authors to draw readers into a book.  We then shared a bit about the zany antics of “Dallas” and “Florida” in Ruby Holler (extra copies are available at the library).    Elementary took a look at the misadventures of two dogs named “Downgirl” and “Sit” in On the Road.  They also read Are You a Spider? By Judy Allen which talks about spiders and how they look like their parents!

The youngest readers read books perfect for Mother’s Day and made magnetic picture frames.


– General Biology

Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments; Robert Thompson

 – Genetics and DNA:

            Gregor Mendel: The FrImage result for gregor mendel bookiar Who Grew Peas; Cheryl Bardoe

            DNA on Trial; Tina Kafka (describes ways DNA is used to help solve crimes)

            Do You Know What’s in Your Food?  Neil Morris

– Classifying:

          Classifying Living Things series – Heinemann Library;Image result for flower cosmos image

–  Shakespeare

CliffsNotes Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Helping Mother

I like to help my mother

(nod head knowingly)
To me it’s just like play.
(point to self on”me”)
I wash the dishes
(pretend to wash dishes)
And sweep the floors
(pretend to sweep)
Because it’s mothers day
(broad smiles)

 Dear Mother

Dear Mother, I love you
And I’m so glad you’re mine
You hug me and hold me
And make each day fine
Dear Mother, I love you
For all you have done
And I want to tell you
That you’re my number one
(have children bring hand up with 1 finger to show “number one”)