HomeSchool Wednesdays – May 31, 2017

Thanks to all the HomeSchool Science Families for helping us to create a wonderful chance to explore science!

Reminder: Families who attend at least 5 weeks are eligible to receive a FREE microviewer! I will let you know when they arrive in the mail.


          Here is a quick recap of Wednesday, May 31 (resources below) 


The middle and highschool groups wrapped up dissections with a frog.  

The younger scientists read frog stories complete with felt board, songs, and puppets.

Literature Studies

High School

More Shakespeare?!? We finished Shakespeare’s most delightful play: Much Ado about Nothing




General Biology:

Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments; Robert Thompson


Growing Frogs Vivian French   

Frog’s Diary: A Year in My Life Steve Parker

about frogs and toads

frog dissection instructions

–  Shakespeare

Much Ado about Nothing

There Was a Little Turtle

  • There was a little turtle
  • Who lived in a box
  • He swam in the puddles
  • And climbed on the rocks
  • He snapped at a mosquito,
  • He snapped at a flea,
  • He snapped at a minnow,
  • And he snapped at ME!
  • He caught the mosquito,
  • He caught the flea.
  • He caught the minnow,
  • <pause>
  • ….But he didn’t catch ME!

Image result for cute frogs

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

  • Five Green and speckled frogs,
    Sitting on a hollow log,
    Eating some most delicious bugs,
    Yum, Yum.
    One frog jumped in the pool,
    Where it was nice and cool,
    Now there are only four speckled frogs,
    Glub, glub.


If You’re Wearing Any Green

  • (Tune: If You’re Happy and You Know It)
    If You’re Wearing Any Green clap your hands…
  • If You’re Wearing Any Green clap your hands…
  • If You’re Wearing Any Green , please don’t make a scene
  • If You’re Wearing Any Green clap your hands…
  • (continue with other colors:)
  • Red (your name is Fred); blue (you know it’s true); pink (now let me think);