4 Eagle

Today we talked about wildlife.  We learned about identifying different types of birds (by sight: markings; and by sound)

Which of these common birds do you know?

4 can you name these birds

Did you get them all? Need a hint?  Contact us HERE

4 hawk

We talked about what makes a raptor a raptor, and then watched some clips of raptors catching prey.

4 bird w prey

We discussed invasive species.  (Which swan is invasive?)

4 mute swan 4 trumpeter swan

Mute Swans                                      Trumpeter Swan 

Why is that a problem?


Why is biodiversity important and how do we know what’s out there?

4 deer 4 butterfly and flower 4 insects 4 mushrooms

By sampling and counting.  Learn why we count HERE (for teachers and parents)

And see some ways this sampling is being used


We finished by practicing random sampling using these:

4 candy

Try it at home!