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Welcome to the Port Byron Library

“Exploring Science at the Library” Fall 2017 program!

We’re glad you’ve decided to join us.

This Chemistry-based program will run for 8 weeks beginning September 13th, 2017. 

Please make sure to check the website each week as we try to keep you up-to-date with pertinent information that you might find useful.


     Middle and Highschool:

     Today we determined precipitates to write equations for double replacement reactions using results from last week’s experiment,  and Solubility Guidelines.

Try this at home: Using the Solubility Guidelines, predict the outcomes of mixing:

ex.1>   sodium phosphate [Na2SO4] with barium nitrate [Ba(NO3)2]


ex.2>  calcium nitrate [Ca(NO3)2] with sodium chloride [NaCl]


Here are some resources on


precipitates in chemical reactions

interactive periodic table

periodic table in pictures 



The younger chemists tasted these

sour-not so sour

to decide if they were sour or not, then mixed them with purple cabbage juice and noted any color changes. 

sour-not sour 

After that we took a break and then came back to spend time talking about ‘sequencing’ which is putting story events in order. 

box Green

For storytime the preschool group read ‘box’ books like:

dear zoo not a box

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell and Not a Box by Antoinette Portis


and made a box project.

Next week:

chickens farm

farm stories! Join us at 10:30

Also, Becky is planning some nutrition instruction for the older kids who might be interested.  Watch for more details…

cooking frog