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Week 4

Welcome to the Port Byron Library

“Exploring Science at the Library” Fall 2017 program!

We’re glad you’ve decided to join us.

This Chemistry-based program will run for 8 weeks through November 1, 2017. 

Please make sure to check the website each week as we try to keep you up-to-date with pertinent information that you might find useful.


     Middle and High School:

ground excited state

considered atomic structure; looked at the ground state, excited state

Electron energy levels

and transition

(demonstration using flame test) :


Elementary Group:


     Today we talked about Chemical Reactions –

     A chemical reaction happens when atoms or molecules get together and break apart or swap atoms.

     Some signs that a chemical reaction may have taken place:

  • color change(like the pink acid & the green base make purple)
  • solids forming(like milk and vinegar)
  • bubbles(like vinegar and baking soda)
  • temperature change
  • odor, or light.

   Learn more here

      We then made Macy’s favorite “vinegar bombs.” We put vinegar in a plastic baggy and carefully folded the baking soda in a tissue (saran wrap works too). Before they could mix we sealed the bag. If you use enough the bag will explode.

     I made a coloring sheet and attached it here


     One of the kids used the term hypothesis and in the correct context. BRAVO. If they are ready you can talk about the difference between a prediction and a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a prediction but then adds why. A hypothesis is also testable. Check out this fun youtube


     Next Week: We will continue the demonstrations and I will have the kids tell me if they are physical reactions or chemical reactions… I hope to have a few fun ones so come and see!

The youngest group

read some GREAT bedtime stories!

Goodnight Baby has you help the mother’s put their babies to bed, Night Sounds has push buttons that let you hear the sounds of nocturnal animals.  



and made a sleep/awake doll:
sleep-awake doll