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Welcome to day 7 of Port Byron Library’s

“Exploring Science at the Library” Fall 2017 program!

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We’re glad you’ve decided to join us. 

This Chemistry-based program will continue through November 1, 2017. 

Please make sure to check the website each week as we try to keep you up-to-date with pertinent information.

Middle and High School

masy titrating

 reviewed the graph from last week’s information. Then the group learned that 50mL + 50mL doesn’t always add up to 100mL while working on neutralization or

acid/base titrations using different indicators.


acid base titration form–indicators.html

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and some to try at home:

Next week we’ll talk about gas laws so read up!

Animated labs for gas laws:

Here’s some great tunes to science by:

Choose “more tracks” and check out “Gas Laws”.

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 …and a little more fun here’s a fun ditty about the elements – all of them!: 



Elementary Chemistry

great reactions mh

we talked about mixtures. A mixture is 2 or more substances that when mixed keep their original chemical identity (no chemical reaction).

We talked about 2 types of mixtures. In a Heterogeneous mixture you can actually see the different substances (think trail mix or Italian dressing). A Homogeneous mixture is uniform and well blended (think milk or peanut butter). We then looked at a wide variety of mixtures and tried to identify if they were heterogeneous or homogeneous.

mh and crew chromatography2 mh and crew chromatography1

We briefly touched on other chemistry vocabulary like solution (cold tea with sugar), solute (the sugar), solvent (the tea), concentrated (lots of sugar), and dilute (little sugar).

We unmixed some of our mixtures by sifting, filtering, and shaking (milk became butter and buttermilk). You can also unmix using evaporation or magnetism. Chromatography is when you separate colors. We used a coffee filter dipped in colored water to see the colors in the water.

If you want to add more to your mixture fun you can see which fluids mix together and which do not. We started that with the lava lamps but it can be fun to try more liquids. Milk, juice, melted butter, oil, water, rubbing alcohol, etc. (Like mixes with like.)

The Young Readers looked at ‘SCARY’ books:

carls halloween spider finger puppet book vanishing pumpkin tomie de paola depaola

and made the greatest spider hats!

making spider hats spider hat2 spider het1