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That went well!


 “Exploring Science at the Library” Fall 2017 program!

Today was our last day of Chemistry – We hope it was helpful and enjoyable for you and your families.

Below is a summary of today’s science, but first, this:

We wrapped up with home-made ice cream with a science twist, lunch, and great conversation about the program and what’s next: Physics+!!! (“Chemistry has the explosions and physics has the toys”)


Please let me know what you thought, what we can do to improve, what you would like to see in the future, and what you would like the generous grantors to know!

break from sci


Middle and High School

 Talked about phase changes and gas laws.  They saw a demonstration of the can crush.

and then experienced why salt works on roads, and how to use that same principle to make ice cream – yum!!

ice cream

Here’s some great tunes to science by:


 …and a little more fun here’s a fun ditty about the elements – all of them!: 


Elementary Chemistry


Today the elementary chemistry class played with Oobleck and it was very messy. (I hope the library invites me back again.) We talked about long chain polymers and how many items we see around are made from them (i.e. plastics, rubber, Styrofoam, clothing fibers).

Cornstarch and water form a non-Newtonian fluid. It acts like a solid under pressure and a liquid when there is no pressure. Try it at home with 1 cup of cornstarch and approx. 1/2 cup of water. Try to roll it in a ball or cut it with scissors. When you’re finished, please throw it in the trash and not down the drain!

If you want advanced vocabulary then explain viscosity to your kids. Viscosity is the extent to which a fluid resists flowing. So honey has a high viscosity and water has a low viscosity.


 We also had time to share some games in celebration of National Games Week!

day 8