Day 6 at

Homeschool Physics



     What’s the difference between a bowling ball and a soccer ball???

Mrs. Hofmann discussed Newton’s 3rd Law, working with a Newton scale (a/k/a force scale; a/k/a spring scale).

Here are the worksheets for the Middle and High School physics groups

     Thanks Mrs. Bestul for helping out with the young scientists!!!

They also worked with the Newton scales to measure the force needed to lift objects from the table.  They continued to explore with the Newton scales measuring force needed to drag items.  It takes more force to move an object when there is more friction!!  

Extra practice working with measuring: 

And more about simple machines:

Here is a reading sheet about Isaac Newton:

     Ms  Emma worked with elementary, middle and high school age groups on their Public Speaking  – everyone took a turn talking about topics they find interesting and practicing intonation.  Here are some fun tongue twisters for practicing enunciating clearly:


     Mrs. Crawford was away this week – we sure missed her though.  She’ll be back with more great activities.  Here’s a peek at the seeds that sprouted so far for the planters our front of the library:


     The Preschool group read stories Down on the Farm: