Homeschool Physics March 7th – Spring 2018

March 7th –

Our first day was bustling and bursting at the seams with 63 attendees!!!


Preschool group read stories about monkeys and then helped Mrs. Crawford make green shakes.

Elementary grades worked on magnets and electricity – We talked about north and south poles on magnets.  When we tested the magnets, we found that opposite poles attract, and that not all things are attracted to magnets, We also explored the Snap Circuits together.  They also had a chance to cook with Mrs. Crawford!

Here are some links with more information about magnets 

High School and Middle Grades :

The first day of Physics take away:

Distance is the total length that the object travels. Displacement (a vector) is the shortest length between the start and end AND includes the direction of motion. The tennis ball bouncing against the wall was a way to practice this in 1 dimension. The wind-up toy was a practice with 2 dimensions.

Here are links to the pages we used for calculations today.

Distance-Displacement Problems

factor label warm-up-problems

middle and high day 1

Physics Day 1 middle school

Vector Walk


Physics Day 1

Here are some fun videos links to help cement these ideas:


I wanted the kids to know that Physics is a huge subject and Classical Mechanics is only a small part.


I highlighted the Factor-Label Method


I touched on Vector addition with the high school students. They can use Pythagorean theorem and Trig to calculate the displacement. This is challenging and not every student can handle it. Everyone can graph problems and measure the magnitude of the displacement with a ruler and the angle with a protractor.