Homeschool Physics March 21st – Spring 2018

Day 3 at

Homeschool Physics

Physics Day 3 
On day 1 we talked about distance vs displacement. On day 2 we talked about speed vs velocity. Today was all about acceleration! 

Acceleration is the rate of change in velocity. The equation that we used was (final velocity – initial velocity)/time 

I gave out a homework sheet that should be easy. I’ll attach that here. 

The younger kids did a game called “Newton Says.” They had to follow certain directions like “move in a positive direction with constant velocity” or “negative velocity with positive acceleration.” We talked about using positive or negative acceleration to describe speeding up or slowing down. 

We then rolled a marble down an incline plane (pool noodle). This experiment is along the lines of a famous Galileo experiment. The idea is that the ball should travel farther each second. This shows that earth’s gravity is causing the marble to increase in velocity. Our noodle did slow our marbles somewhat but I think it worked. Here is a Nova video 

The older kids took a video of a tennis ball dropping. The free app called “Perfect Pic” allows you page through each picture of the video (32 pictures per second). It also has a time stamp. The kids listed the time and the distance it fell in that time. They should graph this. If they have access to Excel I think that is wonderful. Graphing by hand might be harder but doable. The slope of the position time graph is the velocity. The slope of the velocity time graph is the acceleration.

Here are the worksheets for the Middle and High School physics groups


Elementary scientists took a more in-depth look at gravity and at friction.  Here’s a neat friction project that we found amazing!

We made this acrobat clown:

We learned that, by finding the center of gravity, you can make any shape into a top. We also tried spinning some raw eggs and some boiled eggs.


Mrs. Crawford talked about the importance of breakfast and helped us make these fabulous recipes:


The Preschool group read HAT stories:

Next Week we’ll be adding a Public Speaking for all school ages and offering a Math of Physics for middle and high school groups. 

See you next week!!