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Homeschool Physics

From Mrs. Hofmann (middle and high school science):

Hello everyone. Last week we had talked about acceleration due to gravity. Today we played around with a simple accelerometer.

I will post a video below. I left them at the library if you want more time messing around with them. The cork in the bottle moves in the direction of acceleration. Even if the velocity remains constant but the direction changes then there is acceleration (we tried turning in a circle and the cork moved toward the center of the circle).

We did the calculations for some freefall problems. Prof Jon worked with both groups on finding the velocity and distance for objects that are accelerating toward the earth.

Then we talked about parabolic motion of a projectile. I had a model of a parabola and I threw the tennis ball and tried to match the shape. The next experiment was drawing a parabola on paper and setting up a marble in a tilted box so it would match the line. We tried putting the marble in paint but it slowed down the marble too much for the middle school class. For the high school class I watered down the paint a lot so it worked much better. This is very similar to another Galileo experiment called the wedge experiment.

The amazing thing about projectile motion is we can treat the horizontal portion and the vertical portion separately. That really helps us.

It is so hard to teach a multilevel class. We want to expose the kids to the math problems but some are more advanced in their math skills. I did want to go over a projectile problem for the high school class. I told the younger kids in that class to only do the first three problems on the homework sheet. Hopefully they still enjoy the experiments and someday they will grab hold of all that math.

NFL demonstrates projectile motion and parabolas .

Here is a fun simple interactive projectile motion simulator from my home state of CO. Go Buffs

Here are the worksheets for the Middle and High School physics groups


Elementary scientists continued the discussion of friction with a hands-on experiment. We tried moving each other in a cardboard box.  We found that marbles helped reduce the friction!  We talked about wheels, looked around the library for wheels, and made a pinwheel.

 Some of us also had time to – well – time.  We used a stopwatch to time toy cars


Emma Foster from CCE joined us to talk about Public Speaking skills.  Today she worked on choosing a topic and projecting our voices. 


     In the Kitchen with Mrs. Crawford Today’s theme was eggs.  She worked with the moms making Mini Omelet Muffins (a tasty way to get kids off to a great start! )

She also discussed food safety with eggs and gave out this helpful information:

     The preschoolers made Dimity Dumpty Eggs: (egg-shaped open faces sandwiches with peanut butter or cream cheese; and fruit on top)

     The elementary chefs helped make deviled eggs ! 


     The Preschool Storytime group read EGG stories: