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Homeschool Physics

It looks like an early spring bug has many people under the weather.

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED BY FILLING IN!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Newton’s First Law 
We had a great day in Physics class. No math today (cheer).

We first defined Friction and talked about what causes it. We then did an experiment where we dragged a book across the floor and measured the stretch of a rubber band. We then set the book on some pencils and did it again. We pushed other objects across the table.

Next we talked about Newton. He had a fascinating life and I suggested to the students to look up more about his life.

We introduced Newton’s First Law (or sometimes called the Law of Inertia). We had 4 experiments. A gummy bear (without a seatbelt) crashed his matchbox car. A marble rolled around a pie plate with 1/4 cut away. A coin flipped into a cup when the card holding it was flicked away. And pig cargo slid around in the back of a pick-up truck. We then talked about Newton’s first law in each of these situations.

The homework sheet is conceptual with no math. I will attach it here. 

Next Week: Newton’s Second Law!

Projectile Motion Homework from last week. I’m so sorry it was so difficult. I had only done the first 4 before class last week. Wow, #8 was a doozy. Hopefully you skipped it if it was too much. I will post the first 3 here. If your student tried out the other problems and need to see a solution let me know and I will post it here. Otherwise we will put projectile motion to rest… (once it hits the ground)

Here is a video if you are interested. He looks like some of my kooky college professors. He has passion and the newspaper demo at about 8.5 min is worth the watch. Enjoy.


The worlds worst Bicycle

Elementary scientists had some fun with square wheels,  

We also practiced measuring speed


 In the Kitchen with Mrs. Crawford

Today’s theme was “Rethink Your Drink

Becky showed how to make a sugar-free fruit drink – a healthier choice; and gave everyone a new water bottle. Here are some great facts about drinks and nutrition:

 It’s spring, so Becky also helped everyone plant some seeds and sent everyone home with some seeds to plant at home.


The Preschool group read MUDDY stories: