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Homeschool Physics

      Today for science we learned how a a Newton’s cradle, mini test tube gun, and a skate board can all help us demonstrate Newton’s 3rd Law:

      Newton’s third law. Newton’s third law n. The principle stating that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thus, if one body exerts a force F on a second body, the first body also undergoes a force of the same strength but in the opposite direction.’s+third+law

When you press against the wall it presses back on you with the same force.

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We had a fun Balloon Rocket Experiment. This was a great way to think about rockets.

I did a demonstration with a test tube gun. I put vinegar and baking soda in a test tube and corked it. When the CO2 built up it popped the cork and caused the test tube to recoil. We took a slow motion video. (find it at Port Byron Library Homeschoolers on facebook)

Some of the kids tried to jump forward from a skateboard. The force from their jump made the skateboard go back. Another experiment like this was the Car traction experiment. A toy car was on cardstock which was on colored pencils. The car caused the cardstock to move back. ( )

Crash carts showed the forces before and after a collision. We increased the mass of one of the carts and we saw the lower mass cart recoiled more.  The Newton’s Cradle was a big hit.

Momentum is defined as mass times velocity. Momentum is conserved. We can calculate the momentum before a collision and it will be the same after collision.

     Mrs. Kimball helped us with the math. THANKS!


     The younger scientists talked about machines: What is a machine? What is the difference between a simple machine and a complex machine? How is a lever helpful? and Which simple machine is my leg?







Mrs. Crawford and the High school group made these delicious breakfast muffins to share with everyone! ( )



Younger chefs made Peanut Butter Balls! Yummm! ( )

We checked our seeds – they’re growing so well!

     The Preschool group read stories about wild animals:


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