HomeSchool Exploring Science Fall 2018 Biology – Day 2

Day 2

Homeschool Bio Fall 2018

Middle/High SCIENCE  

Today was exciting! We discussed what is life? How do you classify different kinds of life? We honed our microscope skills as we took a closer look at life from last week ( our escaping Physarum, and our Daphnia), while looking at Spirogyra, Planarian and hunting for Ameoba! We realized classifying life was not as simple as we did with the organisms already mentioned. Viruses can give us a run for a money in our thought process about life! Regardless, we will all remember forever “Kings Play Cards On Fast Gray Ships!!”. Enjoy sharing about our class further with these links!

See you next week!



Today we also talked about the Animal Kingdom.  We made nametags using our own binomials: genus (last name) and and species (first name).  We asked questions about how animals are classified, into phylla, classes, orders, and families.  We compared and contrasted different animal groups and then took a closer look at some members of the amphibian group: frogs!


Animal Kingdom Worksheet:

Animal Kingdom chart:


Next week we’ll talk more about classifying – this time with plants.



Moms Today the moms made smoothies.

The preschoolers had a smoothie and tasted some different fruits.   The elementary group also tasted some fruits.  Next week the middle school group will also get a chance in the kitchen!



Unit 2
Review of Unit 1
Writing From Notes Process and Practice
Introduction To Stylistic Technique
   Stylistic Technique~ly adverbs
First Draft/ Second Draft/ Editing




Today we read farm stories, including my favorite farm story: The Piggy in the Puddle (Pomerantz)  We sang Old McDonald and then made barns and colored different animals in each one.