HomeSchool Exploring Science Fall 2018 Biology – Day 1

Day 1

Homeschool Bio Fall 2018

We had an exciting day today! We explored how and why microscopes are amazing tools to reveal a whole new world! We tested our skills with a lab counting the heartbeat of a strange creature called a Daphnia. Along the way, we talked about life in general, and how diverse  and beautiful it is. All life can be helpful to researchers in some way. Even a simple slime mold, like Physarum, has the opportunity to fascinate children and spur scientists onward to learn more about our world around us! Thanks for coming along on our busy day today! There is never enough time to share everything! Below are some links for curious people of any age to watch and learn something new! Enjoy!

Preview YouTube video Lens of Time: Slime Lapse | bioGraphic

Preview YouTube video Heather Barnett: What humans can learn from semi-intelligent slime

Preview YouTube video Daphnia Heartbeat

Preview YouTube video The strange fluid dynamics of microscopic animals and other daphnia facts

Preview YouTube video This Pulsating Slime Mold Comes in Peace (ft. It’s Okay to Be Smart) | Deep Look

Preview YouTube video Observing Daphnia Heart Rate




Elementary Science  

We talked about what is biology and what defines a living thing. We went on a nature walk and found living things outdoors





Becky did some cooking projects, first with moms, then with preschool and elementary groups.  Everyone had a chance to test-taste some carrot muffins:







We read stories about butterflies. 

Here are a few favorites: