HomeSchool Exploring Science Fall 2018 Biology – Day 3

Day 3

Homeschool Bio Fall 2018

Middle/High SCIENCE

**Find some fun pics below**

What an interesting class we had this week! We focused more on cells. Animal cells,  Plant cells and Protozoa cells.

The Tardigrade (waterbears) were the strangest animals! Fascinating to find and watch! The onion cells smelled strongly, but we could see cell structure pretty well. The plant cells Elodea were a challenge to see the cell streaming. Ameoba s were pretty easy and stationary to find, while the crazy Euglenas with their bright green cholorplast were really fast and hard to catch! All in all life is diverse, beautiful and wonderful to observe from all the Kingdoms! Here are some fun videos to watch! Thanks for coming!



Elementary SCIENCE

Today we talked more about the Animal Kingdom We took animals and walked through the maze (photos below) of classifying them into phylla.  There are 36 phylla, but we only sorted mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects and arachnids. We worked in pairs to research characteristics and animals of the different phylla.  We then each had a turn to stand up and present our information. Here is a fun sheet you can do at home about 5 phylla: 



Next week we’ll talk more about classifying – this time with plants.




Becky was unable to join us today, so Moms chatted and cut up apples for kids to taste-test.

Preschool, Middle and Elementary groups all had a chance to taste-test and compare red, yellow, and green apples, as well as pear slices

Thanks Patty Brazek for stepping in to help! 



Today we reviewed material covered over the last 2 weeks and then added a “dress-up” – the who/which clause




Today we read (and lived) box stories.  Who knew there were so many great stories about boxes – they must be important!