HomeSchool Exploring Science Fall 2018 Biology – Day 5

Day 5

Homeschool Bio Fall 2018


Middle/high SCIENCE  

Today the Highschoolers unraveled our cheek cell DNA. We used chemicals and patience to extract DNA from a large number of cheek cells. As the teens pointed out, it was gross but cool at the same time. We learned there is 6 feet of DNA curled and wound tightly in each cheek cell nucleus! Almost impossible to believe! We learned science doesn’t always work perfectly even following directions carefully.

The middle schoolers experimented with Luminescence. Basically, why things glow in the dark. The whole class was spent in and out of the darkness, so we don’t have many photos. We ripped apart duct tape stuck together to make triboluminescene. We looked at lightsicks that were dead and talked about chemoluminescence and florescence. I we experiment with black UV light to excited electrons from a ground state to an excited state so the chemical zinc sulfide with Copper would glow in the dark a few minutes. We sprinkled it on the floor and our hands to see ourselves glow fir a few minutes. Afterwards we observed the more costly Strontium Aluminate chemical glow longer and brighter! They chemicals are phosphors and they glow by Phosphorescence. All in all we had fun in the dark! Thanks for coming!



Elementary SCIENCE  

Today we talked about what makes an insect an insect.  We looked at some creepy-crawlies (worm, slugs, snail, spider, stink bugs . . .) and used out check list to decide which ones are insects and which are not. 





Moms made a breakfast banana split for the kids to sample. Simple, nutritious, and delicious




High School:

This group seemed a little slow out of the starting gate today, but they ran a good race! I woke them up a bit when I told them they were graduating to Unit 3. This is where students jump to descriptive and writing prompt based writing.They therefore got  to be a bit more creative, but not “scary left on your own to die” sort of scary writing.( Unless that is what they choose as an ending or epilogue. We will see!)

The modeling story was a fable about the Fox and the Crow. The students looked at the parts of a story: 1. Character/setting  2.Conflict problem and 3. Climax Resolution. They then did a key word outline from their own head. (Not from the source text) and were encouraged to give their own epilogue. It was truly the guys versus the gals as the fox was a “he” and the crow a “she”. Of coarse the moral of the story was clear, bur that epilogue…..!

Junior High:

These students spent the time fixing what they didn’t understand and expounding with greatness that which they did. Several stories were completed with grand applause.


This busy class spent their time doing copy work from two stories which I posted on the white board. They had to remember how to set up the page, skip lines, cross out instead of erase,  ect.. Some went far enough to be told it was time to underline their Key Words. This is a bit of reversal from last class and I think it made things gel.

Parents, please remind your students to bring a pencil and lined paper to class! Thank you!






Today we had a boatload of fun sitting in out cardboard box boats and reading fun stories about – what else – BOATS!  One of our favorites was the REALLY BIG book: Mr. Gumpy’s Outing. We also read Scare a Bear and Big Bear’s Big Boat.   We sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat with a twist:

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
If a frog jumps in your boat,
Don’t forget to scream!  (Scream)

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
If an alligator jumps in your boat,
Don’t forget to scream! (Scream)