HomeSchool Exploring Science Fall 2018 Biology – Day 6

Day 6

Homeschool Bio Fall 2018

Here’s more information about next week’s Canal Museum tour and October 31’s Raptor Program and pizza


Middle/high SCIENCE  


Elementary SCIENCE  

     Today we talked about US! We talked about different organ systems and what they do.  Did you know that skin is an organ?  We looked at the skeleton, muscles, nerves, skin, and organs on the inside. 




Moms made applesauce French toast which the preschoolers made disappear in a jiffy!

Elementary and Middle school chefs learned how to make the same!



         High School students have been given their first Big Challenge. They are writing a take off story from a Fable. It will be very interesting indeed to see the descriptive vocabulary! Leah had her nose in a Thesaurus several times, while Abraham kept coming up with words out of thin air. The rest of us were wondering if this were a writing class or a writing contest!

Middle Grades:           This group has splintered, but that is a good thing. Those that want to move ahead more quickly have been given that freedom. We had a few narrations from their KWO (Key Word Outline)  and the rewrites have begun. This however is the exception. Most of the class diligently worked finding great success with the dictation which means they were paying attention to detail.  Yes, this group is most impressive! So much to think about all at once!

Elementary Grades:           With six lessons under their belts, this group is doing well. The time it takes to settle into class has been cut in half and the children seem to understand the important of bringing a pencil to class. This class also has splintered quite a bit. Everyone has found their comfort zone and we are now working on dictation and doing a Key Word Outline from that dictation. We did have a couple of students who were able to tell the content of their dictation orally just by having a KWO. This is a very exciting step. If it’s in their brains we can get it onto paper! Speaking of getting it onto the paper, we did have another short lesson in paper orientation and the difference between a sloppy paper and a messy paper. Sloppy is not OK. Messy means you are messing up and rethinking your original thought; perhaps using a caret, or one line trough a word. Sloppy means you have scribbled out you mistakes and your letters are floating or sinking or melting together into one big long word. Remember children, if you can’t read it, probably then, I won’t be able to read it! J They are such a wonderful group! I wish I had them everyday!




Today we read spider stories.  And then we made these AMAZING spider hats! Are YOU a spider?

 Here are some great stories about spiders:

and some rhymes to share at home!


The Eensey Weensey Spider

The Eensy Weensy spider went up the water spout.
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.
Then the Eensy Weensy spider went up the spout again.

A Spider  on Me

1, 2, 3 ?( hold up fingers)

There’s a spider on me! (point to shoulder)

Where did it go? ( brush off)

I don’t know (Shrug shoulders)