HomeSchool Exploring Science Fall 2018 Biology – Day 8

Day 8

Homeschool Bio Fall 2018

Enjoy some great pics below!

Middle/high SCIENCE  


Elementary SCIENCE  

Today we talked about birds! We reviewed last week’s topic: habitats.  We experimented with different beak styles to see  how different birds are suited to live in different places, and eat different things. We also compared our wingspan to different birds.


About beaks:


Biography of John James Audubon


Anatomy of a feather:




food hero

We made and enjoyed some fun October and Halloween treats: (recipes coming)



the first one didn’t appear to show up so I did it again.

Here are two samples of student work from our last day in class. Impressive work came from all three groups, but these samples from the middle grades class are note worthy. I am so pleased with everyone’s accomplishments during our 8 weeks together! Enjoy! Hope to see you next session!


Delaney Kimball



                                                The Grasshopper Vs The Winter


     One warm summer day, a grasshopper was hopping around 

aimlessly to his heart’s content. While doing so he saw an ant dragging

 a corn kernel to his home. The grasshopper asked the ant why he was


working so hard instead of playing. The ant which kept working replied

 that he was storing food for the cold and harsh winter. The grasshopper

 said, “Why worry about winter, there is plenty of food present?”


Three months later, the grasshopper was dying from hunger because he

 had gathered no food. He was learning all too late, to prepare for times

 of need. The grasshopper did not survive the winter.  In the battle

of winter vs. the grasshopper, the winter won.


Kaliana Lynn Harmon

October 31, 2018


                      The Critical Ant and The Too Late Grasshopper


    Once upon a time, a grasshopper was bouncing, humming and 

singing to his heart’s desire. He spotted an  ant crawling by, dragging 

along a corn kernel to his home. “Come play with me and forget about

 that labor Ant!” said the grasshopper cheerfully. The ant which was

 wise, lectured, “I am stashing up on food for winter and I think you

 should do the same!” Don’t be so antsy! We have plenty of food right 

now!” replied  the carefree grasshopper. But when winter arrived, the 

grasshopper died due to a lack of food. Too late, the grasshopper 

learned that preparing food for tough times is crucial.



Today we read stories about owls to get ready for our visit today from Cornell’s raptors! We made owl paper bag puppets.


Here are some fun owl fingerplays and rhymes

Wise Owl

A wise old owl lived in an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

Hoot Owl

Hoot owl, hoot owl, sitting in the tree,
Hoot owl, hoot owl, what do you see?I see black cats running by me, (run like a cat)
All night long as I sit in my tree.

Hoot owl, hoot owl, sitting in the tree,
Hoot owl, hoot owl, what do you see?I see bats flying by me, (flap like a bat)
All night long as I sit in my tree.

Hoot owl, hoot owl, sitting in the tree,
Hoot owl, hoot owl, what do you see?
I see spiders crawling by me, (crawl like a spider)
All night long as I sit in my tree.

5 Little Owls

5 little owls on a moonlit night 
5 little owls are quite a sight.
5 little owls Are you keeping score? 
One flew away! And then there were 4.
4 little owls Happy as can be, 
One flew away! Then there were 3.
3 little owls Calling “Whoo! Whoo!” 
One flew away! And that left two.
2 little owls having lots of fun. 
One flew away! And that left 1.
1 little owl We are almost done. 
He flew away! And that leaves none.

and some great owl stories: