Exploring Science – Spring 2019 Week 5

Week 5 – March 27th

in Science 

Middle school had some excitement and a visit from the local fire department! the experiment was “Surprise Fire” and the surprise was the alarm went off!!!  

The high school group did the same experiments – but no alarms. 

Pictures coming soon

The youngest scientists took a look at ‘eyes’.  We tested our visual reflexes, looked at eye colors, learned about optical illusions, and did some experiments to test what we learned.



Mrs. Crawford helped us make some fruit salad – delicious and nutritious! 


The storytime kids read some great books about fruit  and other great foods too. Here are some of our favorites!

Sign Language Miss Williams taught us signs for fruits and other foods.

Learn more here:

ASL Food Signs

ASL Alphabet

Baby Sign has many helpful images and videos

baby sign fruit