Exploring Science – Spring 2019 Week 7

Week 7 – April 10th

in Science 

Middle school made jitterbugs

The high school group discussed Lenz’s Law and did  experiments with electromagnets. 


The youngest scientists talked about predators and prey. With a visit from a soft rabbit, we looked at ways that camouflage, speed, and eye arrangement help a prey-animal survive. We looked at the difference in the placement of their eyes 


(“Eyes in the front, the animal hunts. Eyes on the side, the animal hides.” )


…and did a fun lab to demonstrate camouflage




Mrs. Crawford and the moms made some banana pops – delicious and nutritious! The middle made their own omelet muffins and the elementary made ants (and other animals) on a log. Fun and Yum! 


The storytime kids read some great books about animals! Here are some favorites you won’t want to miss:


Sign Language – Miss Williams taught us signs for animals.  The older groups played Animal Bingo. Remember to practice!

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